Raid Laced Boot – Black/Black

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The 509 Raid Lace boot is made for riding…hardcore riding. The 509 Raid Lace boot started with a rugged outsole made of high carbon rubber that delivers traction, comfort, and premium durability. Yes, it has it all, and few boots out there can truly claim they have found this elusive balance. Our composite last board provides the right amount of stiffness, and confidence when you need it most. These bad boys provide unmatched warmth and comfort for all day riding.

The Raid upper is built of durable Raid Rubber and insulated with 3M™ Thinsulate™ 600gm. A 5TECH™ water tight bladder protects your foot, and the insulation in the boot from outside moisture. You won’t be seeing these boots crowding the fire at night.

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